Friday, July 1, 2016


CRAZY-BRIGHT AURORAS OVER ANTARCTICA: The sun has been without spots for more than a week, and solar activity is very low.  Nevertheless, in Antarctica the auroras have been so bright they are casting shadows and turning the snow reflected-green.

NIGHT LIFE IN ANTARCTICA: You'd think extreme cold in the dead of winter would keep Antarctic researchers inside. The staff of the Bharati Indian Base Station in Antarctica's Larsemann hills are an exception: "We can't stay inside," reports B. Sudarsan Patro. "The night life is just too amazing!"

Patro took this group self portrait on June 30th during a brilliant outburst of auroras. "They were so bright," he says, "the snow turned green. The sparkling display reminded us of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights." Spiritually, Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness--very appropriate for a midwinter display of aurora australis.

Updated 7/2/2016: The Origins of the WHAT IF EXPERIMENT/WAGER

By American Kabuki

This started as an addendum note to the Sphere Alliance Message #37 in the archive.  Jack Sturgeon asked some very pertinent difficult questions about how all this came to be. Much information about the origins of the WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT came to learned in the last year which I did not have when this question of Jack's was first posted, I have summarized below.

This data will be modified as more data becomes available. At the Reunion all will be known in complete context. 

Terran Note 7/1/2016:
 I have more data now after a year of experiences and interaction with the SA Data Collectors and crews that I did not have when this question was asked.  I will summarize below what I do know about this "WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT" on Earth.  This data is subject to revision as more data becomes available.  But enough was known to finish it in March 2016.
  1. 11 Beings were created by 2 Pure Frequency beings.  One of these 2 pure frequency beings later came into form as the one Jesus/Yeshua of Galilee, and later returned in the late 1940s and died in 2013.  That being is currently not in form until the Reunion of ALL beings in all realms. She was only recognized by the dark hooded beings upon her birth and some close to her. Dark Hooded beings sought to kill her upon birth. She was not recognized by the religious systems and that was by design. Those storylines have been canceled. 

  2. DEATH IS AN ILLUSION. All beings live forever.  This does not mean there is not a very real feeling of loss and grief when a much loved form transitions state of being. Forms do die and feel pain and suffer. Until just prior to the Christ time line, memories were preserved across lives. It was very much like a World of Warcraft Game on a galactic scale. Draco's introduced technology that scrubbed memories from being accessed from the Essence line by the reincarnated essence. This was a pre-emptive move to prevent beings from waking up to the original WHAT IF EXPERIMENT WAGER. Time synchronizing and Time loop technologies were also introduced to expand the allotted time artificially. When beings reentered the Earth Sphere, they had an artificially induced amnesia.  One major control and energy harvesting mechanism was the TIME VALUE OF MONEY, being able to loop a time line doubled the profit.

    Forms are vehicles and transmitting utilities of Essence energy.  Essences can expand and create new forms and non-forms.  Individuated beings of an essence line can combine into one form/non-form entity, if they mutually chose to do so, its rare, but it does happen.

  3. EVERY ONE IS HERE BY CHOICE AND CONSENT.   Things got a little haywire with the forced introduction of memory erasure, hidden and implied consent, "soul contracts" (now voided) and religious beliefs that made people believe they had to live another life here, because of a perception of self being inherently evil and not being good enough for God.  In short a debt-based need to reincarnate time after time. Debt has always been about energy extraction. God is Source, all are Source in body, and the human form was never meant to be about aspiring to perfection, but to experience perfect love while in an fallible physical form.  Yet even with all that the rest of the Universe clamored to get a spot here to experience this.  It has been said Earth is the place everyone outside it wants to experience it, and everyone in it wants to leave!
  4. FEELING WAS LOST.  Over EONS, the various realms isolated themselves from the consequences of their actions on other planets/realms, summarized, categorized away data and  insulated themselves from the RAW FEELING of the CONSEQUENCES of what they inflicted on what they perceived to be "OTHER THAN THEM".  AA Michael re-establised the "FEELING" links to all REALMS, and sealed it with the energetic Seal of AA Michael so it could not be broken again in the spring of 2014, which is partly why the Sphere Alliance came to to cluster here. They began to FEEEEELLLLLL what is happening here, and they did not like it. But agendas remained even after our contact began last summer.  Most of those agendas are related to the Galactic Commerce and "Money" systems.
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