Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lisa Gawlas: The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void…and then….??!!

The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void…and then….??!!

by Lisa Gawlas

If these days can't any more strange or intense?? All my readings and even ETville all had the same thing that I was seeing... water. In reading land the water itself was pouring down from the sky, not like rain or even intense rain, like a river that stretched all around the globe, or maybe better said, a waterfall pouring out of the sky. The expressions from spirit were the same thru each connection as well "The Great Purification" is underway, The Great Flood was another phrase I heard too, but not as much as the great purification. Very much like an emotional cleansing. Intense energies flooding the earth that will create intense reactions and actions that are very much already underway.

A wonderful soul shared a video on my facebook yesterday that so aligns with perfect clarity what I had seen thru every connection yesterday:

There is no solar activity, and yet our magnetic field is in major flux. Which is why spirit showed it like they did, a flood from the heavens, this is not from the sun energies at all and it is not missing a spot on earth, everyone and everything will be, is being affected.

The O'Jays Love Train

Thanks to Denice and the SA DJ/Comms Officer who played that to her tonight
 while she was watching the Fireflies...

"Love Train"

People all over the world (everybody)
Join hands (join)
Start a love train, love train
People all over the world (all the world, now)
Join hands (love ride)
Start a love train (love ride), love train

The next stop that we make will be England 
Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too
Don't you know that it's time to get on board
And let this train keep on riding, riding on through
Well, well

People all over the world (you don't need no money)
Join hands (come on)
Start a love train, love train (don't need no ticket, come on)
People all over the world (Join in, ride this train)
Join in (Ride this train, y'all)
Start a love train (Come on, train), love train

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